Today, India is one of the leading countries in economic development. Yet far from every citizen benefits from this economic growth.
As is the case in most of the world, in India the rich still grow richer, whilst the poor grow even poorer.
We would like to see the government significantly increase their efforts in closing the gap between rich and poor, especially for those who are still lacking for basic needs such as drinking water, accessible and affordable health-care, proper education and opportunities to find appropriate jobs in order to support one’s own family.

This does not stop Ananda vzw from continuing its mission, providing help to the poorest of the poor.
History has shown many times that the people’s rights and their living conditions only improve when the poor take their destiny into their own hands and build a better future for themselves. Every single person who has had the chance to receive education and training, thanks to Ananda’s support, is invited and encouraged to look after his brothers and sisters in need.
Therefore, the Ananda team wishes to remain informed on a regular basis about the evolution and wellbeing of the projects it supports.
Until now, Mr. John Mariadoss has been an indispensible link between the people in India and Ananda in Belgium. His advice and recommendations have always been of great help and they remain of upmost importance. He has our sincerest thanks for his kind support.

For the Ananda-team members, every human being is equal. We have learned this from Cardinal Cardijn, in whose example we wish to continue our activities.
Therefore, we will continue to visit India once every three years, as we want to witness firsthand the most urgent needs and requirements of the poorest people in Tamil Nadu.
We offer our moral support, as well as some financial assistance to organizations and projects that fit our vision. 

We sincerely hope that our visit encourages the people to continue working on our common mission: to support and help each other for a dignified existence.