Ananda is a small non-profit organization with a purpose and mission:

To offer financial and moral support to the most misfortunate people in India. Ananda concentrates her efforts solely on support for projects on a small scale which benefit local organizations, schools, groups for women, basic healthcare centers, etc. Those projects that are overlooked by the larger NGO’s.  We believe that the most misfortunate people are the communities in remote villages who are suffering the most due to the Castle System (Jati system). Those who have no access to proper schooling opportunities.

Many families still have great difficulties getting access to clean drinking water, decent housing or benefitting from affordable education.image61

Ananda cooperates with numerous local communities where she is advised by local parish priests and monastic communities, most notably the ICM.

Sister Jeanne Devos is the godmother of the Ananda-group and chose its name:
Ananda= “The joy of sharing”.